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AM/FM Stereos and Antennas category
Car stereos and AM/FM Antennas, coax cable and mounts.
AM/FM Coax category
Coax cable for AM/FM stereo antennas. Terminates in a motorola connector, common to mobile stereos.
Coax Adapters category
Coax cable adapters from and to UHF, SO-239, PL- 259, SMA, FME, and others.
CB Coax Cable for Vehicles category
Coax cable for pickup trucks, semis, cars, and other vehicles. Lengths available from 1 foot through 30 feet.
Coaxial Cable category
Coaxial cable (feed line) for HAM radios. Lengths ranging up to over 200 feet. ABR Technologies cable, Diamond Antenna, and other brands available.
Mobile Coax category
HAM radio coax for mobile installations.
Scanners category
Stay informed with a scanner! Police scanners let you listen to weather radios, railroad, aircraft, EMS, fire departments and others.
Scanner Accessories category
GPS antennas, USB cables, power cords and more for your police scanner.
Switches and Splitters category
Antenna splitter coax switches, duplexors.
Antenna Studs category
Antenna stud mounts. The junction between your antenna, mount and coax cable.
AM/FM Antennas category
AM / FM radio broadcast antennas.
Scanner Antennas category
Scanner antennas for your car, truck, home and handheld. Lots of mounting options and lengths available.
CB Coax Cable for Home category
Base station coaxial cable designed for long runs and able to withstand higher wattage. Available up to 150 foot lengths.
Home Coax category
HAM Radio coax for home base station installations.
CB Antenna Mounts for Vehicles category
CB Radio antenna mounts for cars, trucks, vans, semi trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles.
HAM Antenna Mounts category
Antenna mounts for Amateur Radio Antennas. Available for NMO, UHF, and 3/8 antennas. Fender mounts for many pickup trucks, magnetic and others.
Mirror / Luggage Mounts category
Ham radio antenna mounts for bars, luggage bars, mirror arms and other round tubular locations.
CB Antennas for Home category
Home and Office CB Antennas designed for maximum range and high performance.
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