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UHF to Standard 3/8 Antenna Adapter

UHF to Standard 3/8 Antenna Adapter

Part# UHF3824
  • Connect your 3/8 x 24" antenna to a UHF style mount
  • This allows for CB antennas to mount to HAM mounts, for example
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UHF3824 image - UHF3824-2.jpg
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UHF to Standard 3/8 Antenna Adapter
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Mountable adapter designed to connect your 3/8 x 24 antenna (common connection for CB antennas) to any UHF style antenna mount. UHF style mounts are commonly used for HAM and business applications, and if you have such a mount, but want to use a CB antenna instead, this adapter will do the trick.

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Last Modified: 08/06/2018