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CASP3 Freightliner Cascadia Antenna Mount 2008~2017

CASP3 Freightliner Cascadia Antenna Mount 2008~2017

Part# CASP3
  • NEW! Upgraded version of the CAS1 and CAC1 Mounts
  • For OLDER generation 2017 and all prior years Cascadia Trucks
  • Coax and Antenna sold separately
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CASP3 Freightliner Cascadia Antenna Mount 2008~2017
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Upgraded version of the older CAC1 mount, this bracket is still designed for the older generation Cascadia Trucks (older meaning anything before 2018), but unlike the previous design, this new bracket doesn't have a bar that extends out from the cab, this means longer life, increased durability, and much less fluctuations.

This Freightliner Cascadia antenna mount is designed for either the driver's side, or passenger's side installation.

Included with the Freightliner Cascadia antenna mount is an antenna bracket, the antenna stud, new installation bolts and off-set washers. You will need to add an antenna and coax with this mount for a complete antenna system. We still suggest using top loaded antennas like the Firestik FS5 series, or Predator 10K 22" shaft antennas for optimal performance.

Tools Needed for Installation (radio in upper cubby)
The following tools are used when installing the cable through the door, to the radio mounted above the driver's head in the upper cubby. Depending on how your route the cable, and whether or not the radio is on the dash, some of these tools may not be required.
Torx Bits: T20, T25, T30, T40
Allen Bit: #6
Ratchet with 7/16" Socket
7/16 Open End Wrench
Metal Wire For Routing Coax
SWR Meter
Electrical Tape

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