When you need a high-quality, professional CB microphone, choose Astatic. It’s the best on the market for clear communication on all CB, Ham & 10-Meter radios!

Astatic has set the industry standard for clear, professional CB microphones. The dynamic capabilities of the Astatic 636L are unbeatable for handheld CB, 10-Meter, HAM, and SSB applications for radio communication. Try an Astatic CB microphone today! We offer custom color options and Astatic microphone parts.

Astatic CB Speakers

Astatic 302-VS4
Astatic Compact 5W CB Speaker
Astatic 302-VS6
Astatic Noise Canceling CB Speaker
$29.95 Save $5.00
Astatic PDC2
Astatic PDC2 - 100 Watt Power & SWR Meter