• Superstar DM-1000 Tornado CB Radio Echo Microphone
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Superstar DM-1000 Tornado CB Radio Echo Microphone

Externally adjustable echo volume & speed controls - Slide it while you talk! Built-in adjustable talk-back works with most
Cobra & Uniden CB Radios


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Walcott Radio DM1000 Overview

Give your radio the "Big Radio" sound by adding an amplified Echo & Reverb microphone. The DM1000 tornado is designed with control and clarity in mind, all while keeping the price low. Separate thumb-adjustable volume and echo delay on the back of the mic make changing the sound easy. Plus the VR3 potentiometer can be adjusted for overall microphone amplification. Comparable to the EC2018 extreme turbo echo microphone, you'll have very similar sound and control.

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