• 2-Pin Anderson to 6-Pin Radio Power Adapter

2-Pin Anderson to 6-Pin Radio Power Adapter

Do you need to swap high output radios around, but they use different power connections? This adapter allows you to plug in a 6-pin power cable (used on 100-200 watt 10 meter radios) into a 2-pin power connection (used for 200-400+ watt 10 meter radios). Quickly and easily swap back and forth.

  • Adapts a 2-pin Anderson power cord to a 6-Pin Radio
  • Soldered connections
  • Fuses & fuse holders included


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Walcott Radio DX-6PIN-ADAPTER Overview

This power cord adapter is designed for anyone running a very high output 10 meter radio that uses a 2-pin heavy duty anderson connector. This adapter converts the 2-pin anderson into a 6-Pin power connection commonly used by Galaxy DX94, Galaxy DX47, General HP40W, Connex 4600, and other similar 6-pin radios.

Walcott Radio DX-6PIN-ADAPTER Features

  • 2 Feet Long
  • 6-Pin Radio Connector
  • 2-Pin anderson connector
  • Fuses and Fuse holder included

Walcott Radio DX-6PIN-ADAPTER Reviews

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