• Procomm PROTON PT99 Base Station CB Radio Antenna
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  • Procomm PROTON PT99 Base Station CB Radio Antenna
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Procomm PROTON PT99 Base Station CB Radio Antenna

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  • 2000 Watt CB Radio Base Antenna
  • 18 feet Tall
  • Easy SWR Tuning

Item #: PT99

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  • Description
A base antenna designed around DX'ing, the PROTON PT99 Procomm antenna provides competition style performance while being light on the pocket.

Rated at 2000 watts, and designed to withstand the elements, this CB radio base antenna offers high performance with the added benefit of being able to break down into 4 sections.

Perfect for DX'ers on the go.

CB Base Radio (home) Antenna
Works with ANY CB or 10 meter radio
Easy SWR Tuning
Includes U-Bolts for mounting
18ft Long

PT99 Features

  • Four Sections4 Piece Fiberglass Construction with Chrome Plated Ferrules
  • Overall Height18 feet
  • Operating Range10-12 Meter
  • SWR TunablePrecise Tuning with Locking Threaded Hex Rings (located at the base of the antenna for easy SWR tuning)
  • Power Handling2000 Watts PEP
  • Mounting HardwareU-Bolts Included (optional Tripod Sold Separately)

Walcott Radio PT99 Reviews

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Martin U.
3 months ago
Great antenna!
Was very easy to setup and the swr required almost no tuning!!
Angelo H. Verified Buyer
3 months ago
Not sure
So just came in 2 days ago, SWR is high over 2.5 not matter where I tune, even went and got new coax, so not sure what's the deal with my when I see the great reveiws here, feel as though I wasted my money. Going to try to see if I can get in contact with Walcott and see if they can walk me though this, cause I don't have to money to repack and send it back to them. Again not trying to stir any trouble but this seems like a waste of money to me.
Walter B. Verified Buyer
4 months ago
Great antenna
Easy to assemble great reception and transmit had for two months no problems would recommend
Myron C. Verified Buyer
7 months ago
Lesson Learned.
My first purchase of a Procomm product. Never Again! You get exactly what you pay for. Cheap workmanship yet quality materials. If you enjoy misaligned mast section ferrules that sends your antenna bending 17 degrees one way, then 12 degrees the other way up the next section and so on.... Then this antenna is for you. Someone didn't wear their glasses in the antenna factory when my antenna was built. The optional ground plane kit I bought looks nice though. Embarrassing antenna to show my friends but it works. Walcott should have sent their shipments back to the factory or at least told customers the section connections are not glued square.
Thomas G.
10 months ago
Takes the midwest wind beating.
Got the PT99w/ground plane kit in October 2022. Had it at a temporary hight of @ 20' to the SO/PL connection over the fall/winter/spring. Being at the bottom slope of a valley the winds do channel thru strong and had withstood winds up to the 50 mph range more than once over this time. The true test came 2 weeks ago on the July 4th holiday. Two days prior I raised my tower and antenna to 30' to connection. After tune test I temporarily guied it in 2 spots and to my ignorance left the completion of the support work til later. The evening of July 4th a Bow Echo thunderstorm passed thru the area with approximately 75-80 mph wind gusts toppling my tower into the house. The coax to both my OTA t.v. antenna and PT99 along with the gutter kept the assembly from meeting the concrete. After the storm passed I went out and pushed the "tilt up" tower back into position. The 1 14" emt mast got slightly bent but the mighty PT99 held on. Inside to my radio desk I went, keyed up the mic and SWR remained in tune. Even more impressive was 2 days later, after more viable support up and dwn to my tower , another storm came thru with 60+ mph winds leading the charge. The mast bent even more slightly now to the point of probable replacement before long but the PT99... Still up and DXing. Big props to ProCom. 73s
524 SE Nebraska
Steven B. Verified Buyer
1 year ago
Excellent Service
Called and talked to Tom, had a couple questions, ending up getting a great deal on a Stryker 955. Helped me out and was a nice friendly transaction.
William S.
1 year ago
I'm impressed
Let me first say that Walcott Radio provides excellent service. I purchased this antenna from Walcott to use on the 10 meter band. The swr adjusted to 1.37 at 28.074 (FT-8). Very quickly I made QSO's with Hawaii and China using 100 watts. I haven't tried adjusting it for 12 meters yet, but I'll give it a try. Years ago, when I did CB radio, I owned the Antron 99 and IMAX 2000. I've also used a Cushcraft AR-10, but a tornado broke it. This antenna is much the same as those, but at a lower price. A very good 1/2 wave vertical. 73
Jerame T. Verified Buyer
1 year ago
Was skeptical about buying this antenna when I did and now I see my gut feeling was right. I am writing this review after attempting to put this antenna up. Got the antenna mounted and everything and went to screw the PL259 connector on BY HAND NO TOOLS ! And got maybe 1 thread on and then the antenna connector and all the guts came right out of the antenna into my hand. Oh and I’m not done yet !! Scotch tape yes scotch tape was used on the coil as insulation and also the center and shield was grounded to each other at the so239 connector !! If that antenna would have not came apart it probably would have fried my radio. DON NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IT IS TRASH AND THERE IS A REASON FOR ITS LOW LOW PRICE!
James G. Verified Buyer
2 years ago
The Procomm Proton PT99 was a great choice for me. .8 to 1.1 on SWR after a slight adjustment on the rings. .8 was on Channel 1 and 1.1 on Channel 40.

I was using a TRAM 3500 on top of my gas grill. Worked well, but I'm in a low elevation spot. Now I can receive and transmit about 7 miles farther. I mounted the PT99 on a 10' metal electric conduit pole with a rebar pin stake in the ground holding the bottom, and clamps to my eve of my roof. So, the tip of the antenna is at 28'. This is the best I can get away with in my HOA. For just $80 + shipping, this was a great low price solution for a base station antenna. I'm getting out to an operator 23 miles anytime now. Before, I could not reach him unless I was mobile on better elevation.

Just remember to use the included washers, otherwise, even though joints feel tight, there is some bobble for some reason. One segment is slightly off angle, but almost straight true. But it doesn't effect operation. Works great for the price!
Rolando M.
13 years ago
I received my proton 99 in Puerto Rico in 4 days, ive been making comunication all around the island, im very happy with this antenna, its better than the solarcon 99
Robert C. Verified Buyer
14 years ago
Super for the price!Dont see any yet!Great antenna at a decent price plus very fast shipping! Installed on 11meter band and did not even have to make any adjustments! SWR's 1.1 Could not ask for anything better! Great Buy!

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