• 18' 18WHD RG-58 CB Radio Antenna Coaxial Cable

18' 18WHD RG-58 CB Radio Antenna Coaxial Cable

Want to install just like the factory? Add the PL-259 connector to your order. Route the cable, then attach the new connectors & solder (instructions included).

  • Low Loss RG-58 Coax
  • 18 Feet (Each Side)
  • PL-259 to PL-259 Connectors
  • Works with any antenna!


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Walcott Radio
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Replacement PL259 Coax Connector for RG58 Cable
104 - Moldable Plastic Coax Seal Tape (Excellent Sealer)
Double Groove 4-Bolt Aluminum CB Antenna Bracket Mount
SWR Meter + Coax Jumper + SWR Booklet Bundle

Walcott Radio WL818SP Overview

CB radio coax cable, small diameter and high quality. Hand soldered PL-259 connectors with 50 ohm impedance.


Walcott Radio WL818SP Specifications

  • Length18 ft
  • ConnectorsPL-259
  • Impedance50 OHM

Walcott Radio WL818SP Reviews

Jason D.
Submitted 6 years ago.
Easier to install due to the thin diameter of the cable.Only available with a white insulator.This is cable we assemble in-house. It's smaller diameter makes for easier installations through factory openings (with one connector removed). We hand solder the Amphenol PL-259 connectors and quality test for 50 ohm impedance.
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