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EX04 Microphone Cord Extension

EX04 Microphone Cord Extension

  • Extend your microphone cord by 4 feet!
  • Wired standard 4-Pin
  • Male 4-Pin on one side, female 4-Pin on the other
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Microphone cord extender. Extend your reach by an extra 4 feet. Pre-wired 4-Pin male to female.

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  • Replacement Microphone Cord
  • Metal coating on outside similar to phone booth cords
  • Provides additional protection for your mic cord
  • Looks great!
  • Pre-wired 4-Pin Standard
  • Easy To Use Microphone Testing
  • Tests Transmit, Transmit Audio, Receive
  • 12V Operation - (Add power cord option)
  • Light Weight
  • 6-Wire Cord
  • Flexible
  • Teflon outer insulation
Last Modified: 02/17/2017