CB users worldwide know they can rely on Uniden for all the CB parts they need, like speakers, microphones, handheld CB units, and specific radio models.

Uniden CB Radios

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Uniden BC980
Uniden BC980 CB Radio w/ SSB Single Side Band
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Uniden PRO505XL
You don't need to spend a lot to get a lot.
Uniden PRO510XL
Uniden Pro510XL CB Radio

Uniden Scanners and Radar

Uniden CB Speakers

Uniden CB Microphones

Uniden Marine Radios

Uniden is among the most technologically innovative manufacturers for handheld CB radios. They specialize in tried and true handheld units, which are compact models with all the necessities, to the larger models that rival Galaxy for quality and specific features. Uniden is one of few CB radio manufacturers with specific SWR features and 40-channel functionality.