• Single Groove 4-Bolt Aluminum CB Antenna Bracket Mount
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Single Groove 4-Bolt Aluminum CB Antenna Bracket Mount

Single Groove 4-Bolt Aluminum CB Antenna Bracket can be mounted on a vertical or horizontal bar, or as an "L" bracket.

  • Aluminum Construction
  • High Quality Antenna Stud
  • Designed for Mirror / Pipe / Bar mounting OR for for Wall / Cab / Toolbox mounting
  • 4x 1.5" Bolts + Washers + Nuts included


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Item #: MMSGA

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Walcott Radio MMSGA Overview

High quality 4-bolt aluminum CB antenna mount designed for mounting on almost any surface.

This CB antenna mount mount can be used on metal tubing, piping, vehicle mirror arms, roll cages, etc. You can also mount this bracket on the side of a toolbox, vehicle cab, or any other vertical surface.

The high quality antenna stud included with this mount can support antennas up to 6' tall. Constructed of high quality nickel plated brass, we have done extensive testing to make sure this mount and stud will hold up, and our testing has found this bracket to work with any antenna we sell without fail.

Walcott Radio MMSGA Specifications

  • Mounts to horizontal or vertical 1" pipe/tube
  • 4-bolts, locking washers, and nuts included
  • Bracket Height2 3/8" Tall
  • Bracket Length2 1/8" Long (front to back)
  • Bracket Width2" Wide

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