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4th generation Jeep Wrangler JL 2018+
Quite the exceptional vehicle - the all new Jeep Gladiator 2019 packs a punch.
The Jeep Wrangler JK third generation of the Jeep Wrangler off-road vehicle. Complete CB systems, packages, and radio parts.
The Jeep Wrangler (TJ) is the second generation of the Jeep Wrangler off-road and sport utility vehicle. Introduced in 1996.
Jeep Wrangler YJ series 1987 - 1995 CB Radio Deals.

What is a CB Radio

Think about the last time you were stuck in traffic, and you have no idea what was going on ahead. You're stuck moving at 5 mph without knowing the reason why, or how long you should expect to wait. CB radios give you access and availability to a local network of people, people who you couldn't call on your phone because you don't know them, but people who for miles and miles would have been telling everyone with CB radios to take the previous exit because of the accident ahead. You cannot get this on a cellular phone. CB radios have their own dedicated channels, and come with a certification allowing you to use them without the need for a license or in-depth technical proficiency usually required from other types of citizen radio services such as Amateur Radio.

Didn’t choose your CB Radio yet?

Consider the following if you haven’t decided yet


One size definitely does not fit all. It all depends on the amount of space you have in your vehicle. Jeeps have limited space, so the most popular choices are CB radio systems with a small form factor


Weather updates (NOAA)? Backlit controls for better visibility in the dark? The choice is yours depending on your needs

Need help deciding?

We've got you covered. Call a radio specialist to help get you up and running We've been your offroad CB radio store for over 3 decades! Thousands of products, in stock and ready to ship. We’ve got many good reviews, our staff is knowledgeable in all the products we offer and can help you make the best decisions. We’ve got thousands of products in stock, If you can’t visit us personally that’s unfortunate, but you can shop online and have it sent to you!

CB features to look out for


The RF gain features allows you to configure the sensitivity of the receiver, filtering out weaker signals, clearing some noise for the transmission you want to listen for

Automatic Noise Limiter - ANL

The ANL is a smart filter, it blocks out transmissions coming below or above the CB frequency, cleaning much of the noise for a crisp and clear audio.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration channels

The NOAA (In short) operates 24/7 channels with nationwide coverage. This channel provides useful information about the weather, hazard warnings and more. Useful for off-road drivers but also for truckers who might be affected by weather conditions.

Auto 9/19

Auto 9/19 are fast access buttons to the most used CB channels - 9 and 19 9 is the emergency channel, 19 is the trucker channel A matter of convenience

Public Address - PA

Essentially external and more powerful speakers you can output your microphone/radio to, for the whole world to enjoy


Squelch filters out the static you can hear when no one is transmitting, or in-between transmissions. Your ears will thank you

Backlit Controls

You can control everything just fine, but wouldn't it also be great if you could see all those knobs and controls at night? that's a feature, a pretty comfortable one at that. Some models have LCD screens, this means you can usually configure them for different colors or illumination at night

CB Radios for Jeep drivers

Jeep is a brand of American automobile and also a division of FCA US LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian-American corporation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It’s easier than ever to install a CB radio in it for yourself. Whether you drive a Wrangler, a Gladiator or any other Jeep. We have thousands of products in stock and ready to ship. Including Mounting solutions made just for your specific year Jeep or other off-road vehicles, whether on the rear door, rear bumper, front bumper or the fender, we’ve got a mount or even a complete kit for you.

What is the best CB radio for Jeep?

Before you start to shop for all the parts, It’s important to understand that there isn’t a singular “best” CB Radio device for your Jeep. Consult the feature list to understand your priorities and budget and consider the following -

  • How much space can you dedicate to the CB Radio within reach of the driver
  • Price
  • Built-in SWR Meter to keep an eye on your radio system’s health
Seeing as all CB Radios have the same power output and performance, the main difference in performanceis how good the set up was, and the Jeep CB Radios features. All these things come with a price and you should decide if that price is in your budget

For that reason, most Jeep drivers opt for relatively small devices that can be easily installed and don’t take much space. Devices such as the President Bill or President Johnny, small but feature packed devices. All-in-hand devices such as the Cobra 75wxst, The Uniden CMX760, are built as a receiving unit for the radio, and the rest of the device is actually in the microphone unit. Potentially saving a lot of space inside your vehicle. Since many Jeep CB usage is for off-road trips another good choice is the Midland 75822 Handheld CB Radio you can take with you out of the vehicle. This unit doubles as a mobile CB Radio that can be powered from the lighter plug and connect to an external CB antenna These are only some of the popular high performance choices for Jeeps and off-road vehicles. There are many different models and brands, we recommend you take a look at our full catalog The best CB radio will be the one that has the features you want and fits your vehicle the best The most popular choices for Jeep drivers are:

What CB channel do Jeeps use?

The 40 Channel CB Radio band has some designated channels such as 9 for emergencies, 19 for truckers on east-west roads and 17 for north-south. Different off-road groups have their own channels. But generally, many jeep drivers use the channel 16. Why, you ask? Because it’s 4X4. No other reason we can discern If you’re not sure of a channel’s designation, it’s best you listen for a while and try to understand if there is any code of conduct or prevailing usage

How many miles can a CB radio transmit?

Two of the most important factors for the range and performance of your CB Radio are:

  1. the size of the antenna
  2. terrain
There's not a lot to be done about the terrain The easiest way to improve your range is to get a taller one. Longer is better, until it’s get unruly and entangled in things it shouldn’t As a general rule - It’s best to have the antenna’s length a quarter of the wavelength, which for CB radio is 8.5 feet. If done right, you should have an optimal range of 3 to 4 miles

Choosing the right

Antennas make or break a radio system, if you want to be able to receive and transmit properly you need to get the right one, place it right and mount it safely.

Antenna Types:

  • - Fiberglass
  • - Whip
  • - Base Station

  • These two types differ in weight and flexibility In general, fiberglass ones can be longer, but are less flexible and heavier than whips..


    Ideally the antenna is a quarter of the wavelength, for CB that means 8.5 feet For many vehicles that is simply not practical. That’s why coils are used to make it longer (in an electromagnetic sense) without actually making it higher. Coils usually look like balls or lumps in the antenna, they can be located at the bottom, referred to as bottom loaded. Middle, referred to as middle loaded and top, called top loaded antenna What’s important is that the coil be placed above the roofline

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