• Freightliner Cascadia Mirror Arm Perch Antenna Mount
  • Freightliner Cascadia Drivers or Passengers side Mirror Mount
  • Bolts onto one of the 4 bolts that hold the mirror to the door
  • Provides a grounded mount for CB antennas

Freightliner Cascadia Mirror Arm Perch Antenna Mount

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Walcott Radio SSR50C Overview

This antenna mount is designed for the Freightliner Cascadia mirror arm. This "bird perch" type mount utilizes a single bolt on the drivers side mirror, simply remove one of the 4 bolts that holds the mirror onto the door and screw this mount in it's place. Typically used with CB and HAM radio antennas. We suggest a top loaded fiberglass antenna like the Firestik FS5 with this mount.

Walcott Radio SSR50C Technial Specifications

  • Overall Length8 3/4 in
  • Shaft Length (not counting threads)6 1/2 in
  • Shaft Diamter5/8 in
Jason D.
Submitted 5 years ago.
Easy installation. Works well with Sirius/XM antennas.Because this mounts on the passengers side, the wind is constantly trying to un-screw the mount. Consider adding loc-tite to keep this mount in place.A good way to mount your Sirius/XM Antenna on your Freightliner Cascadia. Mounts above the passengers side door by removing an existing bolt and screwing this mount in.
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