Affordable 10 Meter radios with SSB and PeP bandwith from Ranger Communications provide a great upgrade for mobile HAM capabilities. Don’t forget your Ranger microphone!

Ranger CB Microphones

$59.95 Save $7.00
Ranger SRA198C
Ranger SRA198C Noise Cancelling Microphone w Chrome Case

Ranger CB Speakers

Ranger 10 Meter Radios

$399.95 Save $100.00
Ranger RCI-39VHP
A 90 watt radio that will fit in your big trucks radio compartment.
$469.95 Save $100.00
Ranger RCI69VHP
Ranger RCI-69VHP 10 Meter Radio w Single SideBand and Chrome Case
$319.95 Save $29.96
Ranger 2950CD
Ranger RCI2950-CD 10-12 Meter Radio Single Sideband (USB/LSB/CW)
$449.95 Save $22.50
Ranger RCI2970N2
Ranger RCI2970N2 200w 10-12 Meter Radio w. Sideband (USB/LSB/CW)
$699.95 Save $50.00
Ranger RCI2970N4
Ranger RCI2970N4 400w 10-12 Meter Radio w. Sideband (USB/LSB/CW)
$599.95 Save $50.00
Ranger RCI63FFD4
Ranger RCI63FFD4 400 + Watts Modulation SSB 10 Meter Radio
Ranger RCI69FFB4
The most powerful radio on the market.

Ranger’s radios are popular among the amateur radio user crowd and HAM radio users. All models of Ranger CB/10 Meter radios are affordable, rich in features and allow users to upgrade their mobile HAM capabilities up to 400 Watts PeP. Get a radio alignment and a Ranger CB mic to complete your setup!