Affordable 10 Meter radios with SSB and PeP bandwith from Ranger Communications provide a great upgrade for mobile HAM capabilities. Don’t forget your Ranger microphone!

Ranger’s radios are popular among the amateur radio user crowd and HAM radio users. All models of Ranger CB/10 Meter radios are affordable, rich in features and allow users to upgrade their mobile HAM capabilities up to 400 Watts PeP. Get a radio alignment and a Ranger CB mic to complete your setup!
$449.95 Save $22.50
Ranger RCI2970N2
Ranger RCI2970N2 200w 10-12 Meter Radio w. Sideband (USB/LSB/CW)
$699.95 Save $50.00
Ranger RCI2970N4
Ranger RCI2970N4 400w 10-12 Meter Radio w. Sideband (USB/LSB/CW)
Ranger RCI69FFB4
The most powerful radio on the market.

Ranger CB Microphones