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18'x2 DH18N13 - Dual Coax W Removeable Ends - Easy Install

18'x2 DH18N13 - Dual Coax W Removeable Ends - Easy Install

  • Co-Phase Coax For Two Antennas
  • Removable Ends for Easier installation
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H18N13 - Dual (co-phase) CB Coax W Removeable Ends (Heavy Duty, Easy Install).

Quality RG59 75 ohm coax cable with removable PL-259 connectors. Hand soldered PL-259 connector. 95% copper braid. For dual antenna installations.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

2 sections of 18 foot cable, come together in a single PL-259 connection
3x PL-259
75 OHM
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Last Modified: 02/10/2014