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Antenna Fold Over Adapter - 203EZ

Antenna Fold Over Adapter - 203EZ

3/5 based on 3 Reviews by: Walcott Radio
  • Easilly fold your CB antenna down when not in use
  • Antenna management
  • No tools needed!
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The advantage of the 203EZ may not be immediately apparent. It was designed to provide an easy solution for dealing with an antenna while not in use, rather than removing the antenna from the base as a quick disconnect would require, the 203EZ will simply fold the antenna down into an easily managed horizontal position.

Please remember, the antenna is not to be used while folded down, always make sure to place your antenna in the vertical upright position before transmitting a signal.


(F) 3/8x24in thread on top, (M) 3/8x24in thread on bottom - compatible with most CB antennas
Chromed Brass
Durable Construction allows for use with fiberglass antennas up to 5 feet
Last Modified: 03/17/2017