• CB Antenna stud mount Oversize Brass Antenna Stud
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CB Antenna stud mount Oversize Brass Antenna Stud

  • Heavy Duty Antenna Stud
  • 3/8x24 Thread on top, standard for any CB Antenna
  • PL-259 Connection on bottom


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CRM1A Standard 4-Bolt CB Antenna Mirror Bracket (no stud)
18\' CB Coax Cable w. Removeable PL259 Connector 188XN13

Walcott Radio JBC930 Overview

CB Antenna stud mount Oversize brass stud Mounts onto bracket with 1/2 hole The JBC930 heavy duty stud is typically used with larger or heavier antennas but will support any 3/8x24 thread antenna up to around 6 feet it is the heavy duty stud


Walcott Radio JBC930 Features

  • Works with CB Antennas up to 6ft
  • Requires 1/2in hole
  • Standard PL-259 Connector
  • Chromed Bras Construction

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