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Coax Cables for CB Radios

Walcott Radio is your one-stop shop for CB coax cables. We have a full line of cables, adapters, splitters, connectors, switches, and lighting arrestors.

Walcott Radio EmployeesPurchase high-quality coax cables designed for amateur radios at Walcott Radio! Browse our many, many options to help provide a lifeline to your station for a proper connection between the base, speakers, and any other components. We have a commitment to provide you with the best products available for CB and 10-meter radio systems. You can find most replacement switches, adapters, splitters, connectors, and more on our site. Your installation deserves a high-output coax cable instead of the inferior ones on the market for the best sound, quality and consistency for your system. Shop the many options available at Walcott today!
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