• SSFM - 31 inch Stainless Steel AM/FM Antenna

SSFM - 31 inch Stainless Steel AM/FM Antenna

Stainless Steel AM/FM Antenna. Threads onto standard CB style bracket.

  • 31 inch Stainless Steel AM/FM Antenna


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Walcott Radio SSFM Overview

Simple 31" stainless steel AM/FM antenna with a 3/8x24" connector at the base. This antenna is typically used on Semi's that have opted for an independent AM/FM antenna system from the stock setup. This antenna is not designed to work as a factory replacement for cars/pickups.

Walcott Radio SSFM Reviews

Harry M.
Submitted 1 year ago.
Excellent antenna.
Beats the snot out of them wimpy amplified glass and shark-fin antennas.

I matched this up with a heavy duty magnetic mount and put it dead centre of my Subaru Outback roof top.
I went from 5 FM stations to 23 FM stations. I also picked up 5 new AM stations. In addition, my HD Radio receiver started picking up the digital sub channels, something I could not do before.

I now want to mount this permanently on my roof. The 3/8 x 24" connection is the kind of mount I wanted.
Thank you Walcott Radio for offering this excellent antenna.
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