Increase your CB/Ham radio performance with Firestik products, including CB radio antennas, coax cables, HAM radio antenna kits, antenna mounts, and more.

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Firestik 2M15B
Firestik 2M15B 2 Meter Antenna
$49.95 Save $10.00
Firestik 2MCKB
Firestik 2MCKB 2-Meter Amateur 5/8 Wave Base Antenna

Firestik Coax Accessories

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Firestik CB Antennas

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Firestik FS4B
Firestik FS4B 4' Hand Tune Fiberglass CB Antenna - BLACK

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Firestik FST-B
Firestik Antenna Cap Pair - Black
Firestik FST-R
Firestik Antenna Cap Pair - Red

Firestik is one of the top manufacturers of CB/HAM radio antennas, coax cables, and antenna mounting kits. Well-known in the CB radio industry, Firestik is one of few CB/HAM radio antennas and antenna mount kits that operate with a no ground plane. Shop in several lengths, colors and series.