• Firestik FG4648B 4' No Ground Plane CB Antenna Kit - BLACK
  • Firestik FG4648B 4' No Ground Plane CB Antenna Kit - BLACK

Firestik FG4648B 4' No Ground Plane CB Antenna Kit - BLACK

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  • Complete No-Ground CB Antenna System
  • Works on RV's, Boats, Motorcycles, Cars, Vans...
  • Includes 4ft Black CB Antenna, 17ft Coax Cable and Antenna Mount

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  • Description
4' Firestik No Ground Plane CB Antenna Kit For Horizontal Bar or Side Body Mounting.

The Firestik series of no-ground plane (aka NGP) antennas are designed specifically for vehicles lacking a counterpoise, or ground plane.

Commonly this type of antenna is used on RV Campers, Semi's, and Motorcylces, although not limited to these types of vehicles, no-ground antenna systems are designed to work anywhere on anything. So long as you can find a way to secure the antenna, it will work.

This is a complete antenna system including the antenna, mount, and coax cable. No additional parts are needed.

NGP antennas can only be used with the included parts, you cannot cut the coax cable nor add any to make it longer. The coax cable included with this kit cannot be altered, changing the length will cause the antenna system to potentially damage your CB. It is highly recommended you do not change either the antenna or coax with this system. You may however use a different mounting bracket and stud.

FG4648B Features

  • No ground plane antenna systemIdeal for fiberglass vehicles like RV's and Semi Trucks
  • Additional Features
  • Includes all necessary components
  • 4' 5/8 wave antenna
  • 17' specialty no-ground coax cable
  • Tunable Tip
  • Full 40 Channel CB operation

FG4648B Technical Specifications

Firestik FG4 Antenna4ft NO-GROUND Specialty Antenna
Firestik Coax CableNO-GROUND 17ft Coaxial Cable w/ PL259 connector
Firestik SS64Stainless Steel Side Body or Mirror/Bar Antenna Mount

Firestik FG4648B Reviews

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Garth W.
3 months ago
Great Low SWR Reading
I run a tri-axle dump truck. A regular fiberglass antenna ,gave high SWR readings. I use only a single antenna all the time. So, I got a NGP ( no ground plane firestick antenna) What a difference. Hooked up my SWR Meter ,adjusted the tuner on top of the antenna . Now a 1 to 1 match. Hear stuff locally 5 miles away or more I can hear or transmit now. Before I was lucky to get a 1/4 to 1/2 mile. It Sucked. Now I'm a Happy Trucker @ 70 years of age. 10-4.
1 year ago
I'm an experienced CB'er, having used them since the 70's during my trucking days. I learned early on how to properly set up antennas. I recently took delivery of a 2022 Super C motorhome built on a medium truck chassis manufactured by a company that starts with "F" and ends with "R", and of course I put a CB in it. I chose the excellent President McKinley because it has a front firing speaker that allowed me to build it into the overhead in the cab where the wiring was already installed for it. Having done my research, I knew that I would have to run new coax because the factory setup used the pre-installed CB antenna for both AM/FM and CB through a multiplexer, and people were finding that the system was not conducive to a low SWR. A quick check with my meter showed that it was over 4.0! I ran 18' of new RG58 A/U and routed it through the driver door mirror arm just like the factory did for a neat appearance, and used the ground wire they had already installed and topped it with a 4' Firestik Firefly. Well, no matter what I tried, I still couldn't get the SWR below about 3.8. The bigger part of the problem is that the cab of the truck is aluminum, and the doors are steel, hence the added ground wire. It just doesn't supply enough metal for a proper ground plane. That was a lot of work for nothing but knowledge! I ordered the FG4648B from Walcott and installed the entire kit minus the mount using the same cable routing and the factory installed antenna mount sans the ground wire. It didn't take me long to get to an overall SWR of below 2.0 with channel 20 being 1.6. I can live with that, and so can my radio.
Walt k.
17 years ago
thanksfor somebutty coming up with a good idea for antennas on this knew volvo
trucks that have no or any ground.

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