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Firestik MK174 Hood/Fender CB Antenna Mount

Firestik MK174 Hood/Fender CB Antenna Mount

by: Firestik
Part# MK174
  • Default design works on many vehicles
  • Supports up to a 4ft antenna
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Firestik MK174 Hood/Fender CB Antenna Mount
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This kit is the perfect set-up for those wanting to mount an antenna without drilling holes in the exterior of their vehicle. You get a quality stainless steel mount and 18 ft (5.5m) of professional grade Fire-Flex coaxial cable (with the exclusive Fire-Ring connector) all in one package! If that isn't enough, you save money when you buy these parts in a kit form instead of buying individual components.

The mount in this mini-kit is designed for hood and trunk applications. The stainless steel mount fastens to the inside channel of your hood or trunk. There are no visible mounting holes! The included mounting hardware (also stainless steel) is hidden inside the hood or trunk channel.


Stainless Steel Construction
Designed for antennas up to 4feet
Generic bracket fits many hood/fender setups
Will NOT work on vehicles with a hood that overlaps the fender (eg. Dodge Ram)

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

2 1/2in
Coax Length
Stainless Steel

What's Included

  • Stainless Steel Bracket
  • K4R Antenna Stud
  • K8R18 Firering Coax Cable
  • Mounting screws
  • PL-259 Connector (requires soldering)
Last Modified: 04/05/2018