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Firestik LG3M2B Black 3' No Ground Plane CB Antenna Kit

Firestik LG3M2B Black 3' No Ground Plane CB Antenna Kit

by: Firestik
Part# LG3M2B
  • Complete No-Ground CB Antenna System
  • Works on RV's, Boats, Motorcycles, Cars, Vans...
  • Includes 3ft Black CB Antenna, 17ft Coax Cable and Antenna Mount
LG3M2B image - firestik-LG3M2B-no-ground-cb-antenna-kit.jpg


The Firestik series of no-ground plane (aka NGP) antennas are designed specifically for vehicles lacking a counterpoise, or ground plane. Commonly this type of antenna is used on RV Campers, Semi's, and Motorcylces, although not limited to these types of vehicles, no-ground antenna systems are designed to work anywhere on anything. So long as you can find a way to secure the antenna, it will work.

This is a complete antenna system including the antenna, mount, and coax cable. No additional parts are needed.

The NGP antennas can only be used with the included parts, you cannot cut the coax cable nor add any to make it longer. The coax cable included with this kit cannot be altered, changing the length will cause the antenna system to potentially damage your CB. It is highly recommended you do not change either the antenna or coax with this system. You may however use a different mounting bracket and stud.


No ground plane antenna system
Ideal for fiberglass vehicles like RV's and Semi Trucks
Includes all necessary components
3' 5/8 wave antenna
17' specialty no-ground coax cable
Mic Hook
Wonder what that curly piece of metal that doesn't seem to have any purpose is for? It's a free microphone hanger, not used at all with the installation of this antenna system.
Tunable Tip
Full 40 Channel CB Radio operation

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Antenna length
Coax Length

What's Included

  • No Ground Plane Antenna
  • No Ground Plane Coax Cable
  • Antenna Mount
Last Modified: 07/09/2019