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How do I repair a CB coax cable?

There are different types of coaxial cable used for different CB radio installations. Depending on the type of cable you're repairing, the connector you need to repair it will be different. We'll step though your options, so you can get the correct instructions for your specific setup.

PL-259 Connectors

This is the name of the connection the back of your CB radio uses, in fact it's the only connection CB radios use (unless it's a handheld CB, in which case you need a BNC adapter). For all other mobile, and base station radios, PL-259 is the only connection you'll need to worry about. Most CB antenna mounts also use a PL-259 connection, which means for the vast majority of installations your coax cable will use the same connector on both sides. This guide will mostly focus on this connection type.

The first step to repairing your coax is determine the type of coax you're using. Check the sides of the coax for a number that's printed on it. You're looking for RG-58, RG8, RG8X, RG-59, etc. Your coax cable will start with "RG" followed by it's type, like "58".
RG58 (3/16" diameter) This coax cable is designed for 1 antenna installations (50 ohm) and is usually the smallest diameter CB coax you will find at around 3/16" in diameter. For this type of cable you will want to use the following repair kit.
RG59 / RG8X / Mini-8 (1/4" diameter) This coax cable is designed for either 1 antenna installations (50 ohm), or co-phase installations -- Important! In co-phase (or dual antenna configurations) your connector on the antenna side will be different than the connector on the radio side. For this type of cable you will want to use the following repair kit.

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