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Firestik IBA5 Indoor CB Base Station Antenna

Firestik IBA5 Indoor CB Base Station Antenna

by: Firestik
Part# IBA5
  • 5' Tall
  • Designed to be Used Indoors
  • Includes 18' Coaxial
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Firestik IBA5 Indoor CB Base Station Antenna
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The IBA-5 was primarily designed to be used from the inside of a building or structure. The main user of this product would be a CBer who lives in an apartment or association area that restricts the use of outdoor antennas. Other uses may include single family residences, offices, and job-sites.

The IBA-5 may also be useful to hunters and campers (on the ground or roof of your RV) to establish a temporary communications center. However, this antenna is not meant to be a replacement for an outdoor base station antenna.

If you are allowed to set-up an outdoor base station antenna in your area you will probably benefit from doing so.

In most cases the IBA-5 will not out-perform an externally mounted antenna so if you seek maximum performance and are allowed to use an external antenna, we recommend that you do so.

The complete assembly stands just over 5 feet (1.5m) tall. Assembly of the kit is fast and easy. Each kit includes a bare-hands tunable tip antenna (rated at 1000 watts), a partially pre-assembled base hub assembly, four 30" (76cm) radials, and 18 feet (5.5m) of RG-58A/U Fire-Flex coax cable. We also include a couple of extra tuning screws that can be used in situations where SWR indicates insufficient ground plane. Complete assembly instructions are included.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Bottom Radial Length
30 inches each (4 radials)
Antenna Length
5 feet
Coax Length
18 feet
Last Modified: 04/05/2018