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Ranger SRA-158 4-Pin Dynamic Stock Replacement CB Microphone

Ranger SRA-158 4-Pin Dynamic Stock Replacement CB Microphone

by: Ranger
Part# SRA158
  • 4-Pin Standard Wiring
  • Dynamic Microphone Element - Common For Most Radios
  • Works with all 4-pin Radios from Ranger, Galaxy, Connex, General, Cobra, Uniden, and others
SRA158 image - SRA158-Ranger-Stock-Mic-1.jpg
SRA158 image - SRA158-Ranger-Stock-Mic-2.jpg

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Compact, yet heavy in the hand Ranger SRA-158. This 4-pin replacement CB microphone is compatible with any standard CB or 10-meter radio. There is a lead weight built inside the microphone to make it feel solid when held in your hand.

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  • Channel Up/Down Buttons
  • Same microphone that comes with the Ranger RCI 2970 and RCI 2950 model radios
  • Noise Canceling CB Microphone
  • Chrome Case
  • 4 Pin Connection
  • Astatic D104 Amplified Microphone
  • The legendary deskmic in your hand!
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Last Modified: 02/26/2018