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RCI 2950 & 2970 Replacement Microphone EX04N40620

RCI 2950 & 2970 Replacement Microphone EX04N40620

by: Ranger
Part# EX04N40620
  • Channel Up/Down Buttons
  • Same microphone that comes with the Ranger RCI 2970 and RCI 2950 model radios
EX04N40620 image - EX04N40620.jpg


This is a replacement microphone for the Ranger RCI-2950, RCI-2950 DX, RCI-2970, RCI-2970 DX, and RCI-2995 DX 10 meter radios. Complete with up/down channel buttons and pre-wired 6-pin, this mic is the exact same mic that comes with the Ranger 2950 / 2970 / 2995 model radios.


Six wire, five conductors, one conductor shielded, coiled cord with durable strain relief
6-Pin (Ranger Wiring)
Up/Down Channel Buttons
Usable only on the 2950 / 2970 / 2995 Ranger Radios
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Last Modified: 04/25/2018