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50' 25400F-PL-50 ABR Industries 400UF type 25400F Coax Cable

50' 25400F-PL-50 ABR Industries 400UF type 25400F Coax Cable

Part# 25400F-PL-50
  • 50 feet Long
  • PL-259 connectors
  • HF ~ 450 MHz Operation
25400F-PL-50 image - 25400F-PL-50.jpg


High quality 400UF type 25400F base station coax cable from ABR industries. Wide frequency range coverage and very low loss. Operational frequencies include HF through 450 MHz.

Closed Cell Polyethylene Dielectric.
84% Velocity of Propagation.
Very Flexible Moisture Proof.
Double Shield. (F100% + 96% Braid)
Ultra-Violet Resistant
Direct Burial Jacket.
Attenuation @ 100ft/Pwr/Efficiency.
0.5dB @ 10MHz.4.83kW.90% E.
0.8dB @ 30MHz.2.77kW.83% E.
1.1dB @ 50MHz.2.14kW.78.5% E.
1.8dB @ 150MHz.1.22kW.65.4% E.
3.3dB @ 450MHz.0.69kW.47.3% E.
RoHS Compliant. Made in America
PL259 Connectors.
Rotatable Antennas.
Shield Effectiveness <90dB


10GA Stranded Very Flexible Low Loss Cable
Use this cable for HF through 440MHz.
Non-Contaminating, UV Resistant, Direct Burial, Black Jacket.
Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene Dielectric VP
RoHS Compliant.
Overall Diameter
Last Modified: 06/20/2018