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Astatic RD104E Road Devil Power & Noise Canceling Microphone

Astatic RD104E Road Devil Power & Noise Canceling Microphone

by: Astatic
  • Noise Canceling Microphong
  • Amplified Microphone
  • Pre-wired 4-pin standard
  • Get the best of both worlds! Amplified for loud audio and noise canceling for clear audio
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This mic is LOUD! The Road Devil features a high gain amplifier with electronic equalization to provide maximum talk power and intelligibility even under noisy conditions. The Road Devil is a VERY powerful microphone. Pleas use diligence when setting the gain control to avoid any unnecessary feedback. The Road Devil Amplifier and six wire cable make it compatible with all modern radio transceivers. The Road Devil requires a standard 9-volt battery.



Frequency Response
50 to 10,000 Hz
100 Ohm
Six wire, five conductors, one conductor shielded, coiled cord with durable strain relief
4-Pin Standard
Amplified Power
1-Year Manufacturer
Rugged ABS Housing
Polyurethane Coated Steel Grille
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Last Modified: 09/27/2017