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Astatic AST878DM Amplified Base Station Desk Microphone
  • Pre-wired to your radio
  • 9V Battery installed
  • Tested
  • Astatic AST878DM Amplified Base Station Desk Microphone

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    Part# AST878DM
    • Astatic AST878DM Amplified Desk Microphone
    • Pre-wired 4-pin Standard
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    Astatic AST878DM Amplified Base Station Desk Microphone
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    The Astatic AST-878DM is an Omni Directional Ceramic Desk microphone offering a rugged cycolac housing for industrial and commercial applications. The Microphone switching is accomplished with a simple PTT button with locking capabilities.

    The volume of the CB desk mic can be adjusted with a potentiometer located under the base. The AST878DM is manufacturered to take normal abuse while retaining it's performance, just like you would expect from the Astatic brand.


    Standard PTT "Push-to-talk" and "Lock-To-Talk" buttons
    High quality omnidirectional ceramic cartridge
    Five conductor shielded, strandard astatic color coded cable with 4-pin (standard Cobra/Galaxy wiring) connector
    Requires 9 volt battery (not included)

    Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

    9 1/4"
    4 1/2"
    Coiled mic cord stretches to 6'

    What's Included

    • Astatic AST-878DM Desk Microphone (Base CB Mic)
    • Owner's Manual
    • 4-Pin Connector (attached)
    Last Modified: 05/30/2019