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Astatic D104M6B Power Microphone

5/5 based on 3 Reviews by: Astatic
Astatic D104M6B Power Microphone
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Astatic D104M6B Power Microphone

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Item #: D104M6B

The Astatic D104 is the handheld version of the revered deskmic, in fact the Silver Eagle is now able to live on in this microphone in terms of modulated audio, clarity, and exceptional quality. This is the ideal microphone for loud mobile or base station use.

The D104M6B series microphones are quality performance field effect amplified "power" microphones for amateur, citizen band, mobile, aircraft, marine applications. The housing of the D104M6B is molded black ABS with a chrome plated grille screen.

An output impedance compatible with the inputs of almost all commercial transceivers and externally adjustable high gain amplifier ensures desired modulation level. The D104M6B has an easily accessible control for volume so that the correct modulation level can be set for each operators voice. The D104-M6B preamplifier is powered by a readily available, easily replaced, 9 volt battery. The D104-M6B has a six wire coil cord which allows for relay, electronic or virtually any type hookup with almost any transceiver. The audio line is open during receive.


Frequency Response 100 to 10,000 Hz
5000 Ohm
Six wire, five conductors, one conductor shielded, coiled cord with durable strain relief
4-Pin Standard
Amplified Power
1-Year Manufacturer
Rugged ABS Housing
Polyurethane Coated Steel Grille
9-Volt Battery Required (sold seperately)

Astatic D104M6B Reviews

By on Thu, Mar 19, 2015

i purchased this mic a few months ago and am very pleased with this mic.

Pros: nice and loud mic

Cons: the push to talk button is a little awkward getting used to but not a big deal

By on Thu, Dec 19, 2013
Jason - Walcott Radio

Currently the best sounding amplified microphone. The microphone element is similar to the lollipop style D104 desktop mics like the D104 Eagle.

Pros: Loud! Clear audio

Cons: The PTT switch can be uncomfortable after prolonged use.

By on Sat, May 07, 2005

This is the best mic I have ever used.It is just like using my D104 desk my.The modulation is great and it dont pick up that much background noise.I love this mic!!!

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