Wilson 500 Magnet Mount Antenna - 500100 880-500100

Wilson 500 Magnet Mount Antenna - 500100 880-500100

5/5 based on 1 Reviews by: Wilson Antenna
  • Overall Height: 5ft
  • NOAA Weather Compatible
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If you're looking for an improvement over the Wilson Little Wil, but don't want to step up the the 1000 or 5000 consider the 500 instead. With a height of less than 5' (overall 57") the Wilson 500 is not as tall as the 1000, but is still a better performing antenna than the Little Wil. As with everything Wilson makes, the 500 adheres to a strict standard of quality and performance.


Made with high impact Mobay Thermoplastic
Heavy duty coil uses 12 gauge copper wire
Exclusive low loss coil design
1 Year Wilson Warranty
Weather Channel Ready

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

58in (5ft)
2in (load diameter)
Power Handling
2000 Watts
54in Stainless Steel
Frequency Range
26 MHz to 30 MHz
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Last Modified: 03/16/2017