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Wilson 1000 Magnet Mount Antenna 900800 880-900800B

Wilson 1000 Magnet Mount Antenna 900800 880-900800B

5/5 based on 2 Reviews by: Wilson Antenna
Part# 900800B
  • Overall Height: 5.6ft
  • 3000 Watt Power Handling
  • NOAA Weather Compatible
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Wilson 1000 Magnet Mount Antenna 900800 880-900800B
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Considered by many to be one of the best performing CB antennas ever made, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Wilson 1000 mag mount antenna. We've promoted this antenna for years based solely on how well it works, it also boasts durability and longevity.

It's not uncommon to see the Wilson 1000 CB antenna last for over 5 years or more, it's simply built that well. One of the many things Wilson did correctly while engineering their (magnetic/roof/trunk) mount line of antennas is to give the 1000 and 5000 models the ability to remove the load (the part that says Wilson on it) on up, while keeping the base and coax secured to the vehicle. This is especially useful for areas where the antenna may be too tall, like parking garages for instance.

A common concern with magnetic antennas are that they will move or come off while driving, this is almost always due to an individuals experience with a poor quality antenna. The Wilson line of mag mount antennas absolutely will not move or come off while driving, they are designed to withstand speeds of over 100 Mph.

Do yourself a favor and buy the Wilson 1000 CB antenna, you won't be disappointed.


Gain performance proven by power gain tests at Lockheed Corporation Antenna Test Laboratory
Made with high impact Mobay Thermoplastic
Silver-plated coil winding
Exclusive low loss coil design (Patent #4,882,591)
Removable coil for safe storage and garage entrance
Available in black only

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Coax Length
Wattage Rating
3000 Watt power handling capability (ICAS)
Frequency range
26 MHz to 30 MHz
62in Stainless Steel

What's Included

  • Wilson 1000 Magnetic Antenna
  • Allen Wrench
  • Weather Cap
Last Modified: 05/03/2019