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Turbo Extreme Microphone EC2018XTREME

Turbo Extreme Microphone EC2018XTREME

4/5 based on 7 Reviews by: Magnum
  • Professional Echo Microphone
  • any sound effects including robot voice, double-talker, echo, reverb, and more
  • Noise canceling on/off switch
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Providing the best sounding echo in the industry, the Turbo Extreme 2018 is the standard by all other echo microphones are compared. If you're looking for a big radio sound that is completely adjustable by yourself, with uncompromisingly loud and clear audio, look no further.

The XTREME 2018 is the latest digital echo microphone for Citizen Band and other two-way radios brought to you by the same company that created the Magnum line of professional grade 10 meter radios. The EXTREME 2018 takes CB radio to the extremes with new features like Endless Echo, Double Talker, and Noise Reducer. Talk with the pro's with this microphone, a compliment to any big radio out there.

Recommended Settings

Note The settings used here are for suggestion only, play around with the mic and find the settings that suit you best.

Tip! Many sound effects will occur with the Echo Delay set between 1-2, make slight adjustments below the #2 mark for a wide range of effects.

Cyborg Robotic Voice:
N.R. = On
Echo = ∞
Echo Volume = 4
Echo Delay = 6
Stadium Sound:
N.R. = Off
Echo = D.T
Echo Volume = 4
Echo Delay = 1.8
Endless Echo:
N.R. = Off
Echo = ∞
Echo Volume = 4
Echo Delay = 6
Double Talker:
N.R. = Off
Echo = D.T
Echo Volume = 4
Echo Delay = 1.9
Whammy Effect:
N.R. = Off
Echo = ∞
Echo Volume = 4
Echo Delay = 1.6
Clear Echo:
N.R. = On
Echo = D.T.
Echo Volume = 4.3
Echo Delay = 1.8
Simple Noise Canceling:
N.R. = On
Echo Volume = 0


Cyborg Robotic Voice
Sound Half Man / Half Machine
Stadium Sound
Have the booming voice of a stadium announcer.
Endless Echo
An unbelievable digital echo with a range from no echo to a never ending, repeating echo.
Double Talker
Repeats everything you say... repeats everything you say. This could get annoying ... This could get annoying. Good thing you can turn it off... good thing you can turn it---
Noise Reducer
Imbues the microphone with Noise Canceling properties
Talkback Monitor your transmissions - know exactly what you sound like over the air (applicable to Cobra and Uniden radios only)
Echo Adjustment
Also, echo controls on the outside of the microphone so you are always in complete control, and the highest quality, and softest, neoprene 6 conductor microphone cord.
1000 Ohm
Frequency Response
150 - 3,000 Hz
Echo Frequency Response
200 - 3,000 Hz
Echo Time
Variable from 0 - 2 second maximum
Mic Element
ECM Type
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Last Modified: 04/03/2017