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RK564PCH Chrome Roadking CB Microphone

RK564PCH Chrome Roadking CB Microphone

by: Roadking
  • Noise Canceling CB Microphone
  • Chrome Case
  • 4 Pin Connection
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RK564PCH Chrome Roadking CB Microphone
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The Roadking microphones are a great mic to use instead of the stock microphones that come with most CB or 10 meter radios. They are noise canceling so they won't cut out a large amount of background noise such as wind noise or engine noise, making your transmission much clearer than a stock microphone.



Chrome Case
4 Pin Connection works with most CB and 10 meter radios
Noise Canceling Dynamic Microphone

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

6-Conductor Black Coiled Flex Cord
2 Position Momentary Slide Switch, Normally Open Contacts
Frequency Response
100Hz - 8kHz, Output Level @ 1kHz
Open Circuit
-72dB (ret. 0dB = 1V/Ohm Bar
Power Level
-55dB (ret. 0db = 1Mw/10 Ohm Bar
Output Impedance
2000 Ohms (Matches 600-5000 Ohm Inputs)
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Last Modified: 09/27/2017