• Roadking RK56CHSS Noise Canceling CB Mic w Chrome Case and Cord
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Roadking RK56CHSS Noise Canceling CB Mic w Chrome Case and Cord

  • Noise Canceling
  • Chrome Case
  • Metal Mic Cord


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Roadking RK56CHSS Overview

Roadking's RK56CHSS is a new version of their popular RK56 style CB microphone. These versions will come with a shiny chrome case and metal mic cord, making the cord more durable and less prone from being cut or chewed through by man's best friend. This chrome noise-blocking microphone will also help eliminate background noise making your transmissions clearer.

Roadking RK56CHSS Features

  • - 4-Pin Connector
  • - Chrome Case
  • - Noise Canceling Dynamic Microphone
  • - 6-Conductor Chrome Cord
  • - 2 Position Momentary Slide Switch, Normally Open Contacts
  • - Frequency Response100Hz - 8kHz, Output Level @ 1kHz
  • - Open Circuit-72dB (ret. 0dB = 1V/Ohm Bar
  • - Power Level-55dB (ret. 0db = 1Mw/10 Ohm Bar
  • - Output Impedance2000 Ohms (Matches 600-5000 Ohm Inputs)
  • - Clamshell Packaging

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