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Palomar SL41 Noise Canceling Amplified Microphone

Palomar SL41 Noise Canceling Amplified Microphone

by: Magnum
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The Palomar SL41 combines modern engineering and technology with a time-tested design to provide the professional driver with the ultimate noise cancelling microphone. Palomar’s customized microphone element provides unmatched noise cancelling capability without sacrificing true-to-life sound quality.


Classic Rugged Design
Heavy-Duty, Impact Proof Case - Quality You Can Feel
Active Circuit Noise Cancelling Microphone
6 Conductor, Dual Shielded Custom Cable
16" Coiled Cable Section - Stretches to 9+ Feet
2 Year Battery Life from Single AAA Battery (included)
Industrial Grade Push-to-Talk Switch
Dual Mount - Machined Aluminum Button + Hanger
Wired for 4-Pin CB Radios
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Last Modified: 09/20/2017