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GW3501C - Chrome Triple 5

GW3501C - Chrome Triple 5" Magnet Mount

5/5 based on 2 Reviews by: Walcott Radio
Part# GW3501C
  • Magnetic CB Antenna Mount Works With Antennas Up To 6 feet
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Sorry, the GW3501C is discontinued.

Heavy duty mounting kit features three 5" chrome magnets spaced on a heavy duty aluminum frame. Includes 18 ft of RG58 coax cable & PL-259 connector. Rubberized coating on magnets to prevent damage.

Designed to hold the largest CB antennas available, due to the triangular shape and three magnets, this mount works with any Predator, Monkey Made, Wilson, Browning, or even the 102" whip antenna.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

3x 5 inch Magnets
18 feet coax cable
1 square foot overall size
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Last Modified: 03/22/2016