• Quad Magnet Antenna Mount for CB Antennas
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Quad Magnet Antenna Mount for CB Antennas

  • 4x 5" Heavy Duty Magnets
  • Heavy Aluminum Frame
  • 3/8x24 Antenna Stud
  • 18 Feet RG58 Coax with PL-259 Connector


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Walcott Radio 4MAGTM Overview

Quadruple magnetic CB antenna mount designed to hold even the tallest and heaviest antennas. The magnets have a protective plastic sheath on the bottom to prevent scratches to your vehicles body. Includes 18 feet of coax cable.

Walcott Radio 4MAGTM Specifications

4x 5 inch Magnets
Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
3/8x24 Antenna Stud
18ft RG58 Coaxial Cable with PL259 connector preinstalled

Walcott Radio 4MAGTM Reviews

Marshall S.
Submitted 3 months ago.
So I purchased this mount about 6 months ago. It was a replacement for a much cheaper single magnet I bought from a truck stop. The last one would slide off going down the freeway, acquired a lot of moisture inside, and left a big rust mark on the top of my truck.
This has done none of that so far. The SWR remains stable. I have been able to use big heavy antennas on it with absolutely no fear of it sliding off. In fact, I need a flat bar to remove it. You can probably pull dents with this thing.
I've also seen no signs of corrosion or wear so far. and it has grounded my antenna well. If you're looking for a magnet mount to plug an antenna into, this is a good product.
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