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GBASEMIC Galaxy Base Station Desk Echo Mic Roger Beep

5/5 based on 1 Reviews by: Galaxy
GBASEMIC Galaxy Base Station Desk Echo Mic Roger Beep
GBASEMIC Galaxy Base Station Desk Echo Mic Roger Beep

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Galaxy Brand amplified deskmic, an excellent addition to any CB or 10 meter base station. Very clear and loud, this amplified microphone boasts a few features not found on other deskmics including built in Echo / Reverb as well as an end of transmission roger beep. The PTT (push to talk) switch locks in position, perfect for laying the maul down!

The microphone arm can be rotated and tilted to accommodate various positions on your operators desk.

we have pre-installed a 4-pin connector for you, for free.

Requires a 9-volt battery (sold separately).


Echo / Reverb
Variable volume and delay with sliders accessible on the top of the mic.
Amplification Control
Variable modulation control allows you the maximum control on how loud you want to be.
Push-To-Talk Lock Switch
Adjustable Swivel Mic Head
TX / Battery Indicator LED
VU Modulation Meter
Roger Beep With Switch
Operates On 9 Volt Battery (not included) or external 9 Volt power

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

6 3/8in
4 7/8in
Microphone Cord Length
4 feet
4-pin standard

Galaxy GBASEMIC Reviews

By on Thu, Dec 06, 2007

The best base mic for the price. (In my humble opinion)
Its nice to have a Galaxy mic for use with my Galaxy rigs.
The neck is Chrome plated and adjustable from 4in to10 in tall.
the case of the mic is plastic but everything else is metal and the case is made of thick strong plastic.
The echo comes in handy for long distance SSB DXing.
Some folks consider roger beebs to be annoying, you can turn it of with a switch on the back.
It has its own modulation meter to help you know if the mic is overdriving the radio.
There is a neat looking blue/green light to indicate TX and low bat.
On the down side, I have noticed a slight time delay on the double roger beep. If I key the mice to fast the first beeb is not heard.
This is either a flaw or I am just keying up to fast.

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