• Galaxy DX939 Mobile CB Radio with Large Meter and Blue Lights
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Galaxy DX939 Mobile CB Radio with Large Meter and Blue Lights

DX939 - A Galaxy CB That Won't Break The Bank. Large, easy to read meter & frequency counter. Antenna warning light instantly lets you know of antenna problems.

  • Large SWR/Mod/Power Meter
  • 5 Digit Frequency Display
  • Variable Talkback
  • Variable RF Power

Item #: DX939

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Galaxy DX939 Overview

Experience the features and benefits of the Galaxy DX 939 mobile CB radio transceiver today! Offering the features and performance exclusive to the Galaxy name, the DX939 offer a large, easy to read SWR, Power, and Modulation meter.

Sticking with the *blue standard* the DX939 offers an all blue LED 5-digit frequency display, all blue LED channel display, and blue meter light. Other features include the ever popular auto-calibrating SWR meter function, end of transmission roger beep, variable talkback for monitoring your voice, and PA speaker accessability.

The DX939 is a great performer wrapped up in a solid, well rounded, full feature package. You can't go wrong with this one!

Galaxy DX939 Features

  • EL FaceplateFully controllable faceplate illumination enables easy use at night.
  • Blue LED'sAll blue LED lights in the Meter, Frequency Display and Channel Display.
  • 5-Digit Frequency DisplayEnsures you are on the correct channel.
  • Large MeterEasy to read SWR and Power meter.
  • Variable PowerYou control how powerful you want to be.
  • Automatic SWRMakes checking the SWR as easy as flipping a switch.
  • TalkbackAllows you to monitor your own transmission through either the internal or (optional) external speaker.
  • Roger BeepEnd of transmission confirmation tone.
  • Variable DimmerAdjusts the brightness on the EL faceplate, channel, frequency display and meter.
  • 3 Year WarrantyExclusive Galaxy model with a 3-year MFG warranty.

Galaxy DX939 Specifications

Length8 3/4in
Width7 7/8in
Height2 1/8in

Galaxy DX939 Reviews

walter B.
Submitted 11 years ago.
This radio performs real well great receive and good transmit! For a 4 watt radio this is a good one for sure, everything can be seen day or night! Oldtimer
cullen w.
Submitted 11 years ago.
✔ Verified Purchase
Best recieve I've ever had, great transmit, good looks, StarLite faceplate and one of the best meters in the business.Backlight driver/inverter is loud especially at full brightness, lack of SSBThis is the best CB I've ever owned, and I've had a few (a few Midlands, a Cobra 29, a Cobra 25 and a couple Cobra 19s) Receive is very clear and it transmits loud and clear. Meter is big, clear and accurate. Love the backlit faceplate. Just wish it had SSB - you have to give up either the frequency counter or the StarLite faceplate to have SSB in a Galaxy type-accepted CB radio at this time.
Craig M.
Submitted 12 years ago.
I bought this radio a year ago from Walcott CB. They cranked it up and it really walks the dog! I love this radio and it has performed for the last year with no problems. Thanks Walcott!
Gavin S.
Submitted 14 years ago.
A good radio. Have one in my truck, it talks like a big radio and has the features of a big radio. Looks great at night and has many versatile features which make this radio one of Galaxy's finest mobile CB's
Pros: Great Echo, Nice Transmit quality, Small.
Cons: LED's are too bright even when dimmed to minimal (could be my radio),
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