• Galaxy DX959B USB LSB CB Radio

Galaxy DX959B Deluxe Edition CB Radio with SSB and Blue Lights with EL Faceplate Illumination

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DX959B - Single Sideband Plus A Large Easy To Read Auto-Calibrating SWR Meter means you get a lot in this popular CB radio.

  • NEW! Deluxe Edition of the Galaxy DX959
  • NEW! Blue Channel, Meter, and Frequency Lights
  • NEW! EL Faceplate Illumination - All the faceplate wording has a soft glow for nighttime use
  • USB/LSB/AM Modes
  • Built-In Auto-Calibrating SWR Meter
  • Frequency Display (now in Blue)


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Galaxy DX959B Description

One of Galaxy's most popular radios just got better. Introducing the all new Galaxy DX959B! This is the same, popular radio loved for years by avid Galaxy fans, but now with Blue Lights and an EL Illuminated Faceplate!

The Galaxy DX939 has been popular due to it's all blue lights and illuminated faceplate, but the 939 lacked single sideband. The Galaxy DX959 has been a popular single sideband radio, but it was stuck in the Green light past. The new Galaxy DX959B has merged the features of both radios into one.

The 959B CB SSB radio comes with a variable display light control which will affect the channel, meter, and frequency lights only, while keeping the backlit EL Faceplate the same. This means at night, when you need to turn down the display lights, the EL Faceplate will remain visible.

Just like the older 959 the DX959B comes with Single Sideband, an increasingly rare feature in modern CB radios. As well as a variable RF power control to adjusted AM carrier power, built-in Roger Beep, and a large, easy to read, SWR / S/RF Meter.

Get your hands on the newest CB SSB radio from Galaxy today! NOW SHIPPING!
  • NEW! Blue Meter Lights
  • NEW! Blue 5-Digit Frequency LEDs
  • NEW! Blue Channel LED
  • NEW! Soft-blue Electro-Luminescent Display
  • Single Sideband Operation
  • Built-in Auto-Calibrating SWR Meter
  • Large Easy-to-Read Meter
  • ModesUSB/LSB/AM
  • Variable RF PowerAdjustable AM carrier power from 1w to 4w.
  • On/Off Roger Beep
  • Variable TalkbackAllows you to monitor your transmissions
  • Tone ControlSimilar to a treble control on a stereo, allows you to adjust how the incoming signal sounds best to your ears.
  • Roger Beep with On/Off switch and LED IndicatorProduces a beep at the end of your transmission.
  • Galaxy Noise FilterFor use on weak signals.
  • High SWR alert circuitAlerts you when you have a high SWR reading.
  • +/- 1.0 KHz Receive ClarifierFine tunes your frequency.
Length9 1/4in
Width7 7/8in
Height2 3/8in
Fuse Size5A
Current Draw2.5A

Galaxy DX959B Reviews

joseph c.
Submitted 2 years ago
This radio ROCK'S,

The name GALAXY say's it all Rock Solid!!
It has all the features that I was looking for in a large frame radio that I can use in my truck. It is a great sounding and a solid preforming radio that has a lot of potential it just needs a peak and tune and you need a good antenna and you are good to go. I'm doing the dual final mod to mine and I just run the stock mike for better modulation 100% with the stock mike very loud and clear over the air. I have the 636L but I think it's just junk with my setup I get low around 80% modulation with the 636L.
All but two things
Dis Like's
The blue S-Meter hard to see at night with the dimmer turned down just low enough so it doesn't distract you while you are driving I'm going change my back light to white and red in the back ground of the S-Meter white on the receive side and red on the transmit side then all is awesome.
And the frequency shifting until it gets warmed up but that I can live with it's not a deal breaker for me.
Raymond k.
Submitted 2 years ago
✔ Verified Purchase
Recently purchased. So far a great radio get distance and sound quality
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