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X-Grip for Cell Phones and Small GPS with Handlebar Mount

X-Grip for Cell Phones and Small GPS with Handlebar Mount

Part# XGRIP7-UB1
  • Complete mounting system for your Cell Phone, GPS, XM Radio, Radar Detector and other small electronics
  • The easy to use X-Grip mount opens and closes easily allowing easy removal of your device
  • Secure spring loaded grip ensures your device will not move
  • U-Bolt Bracket Included
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XGRIP7-UB1 image - XGRIP7-UB1_1.jpg
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With this selection of RAM-Mount parts, you can mount your mobile device (cell phone, GPS, etc) to a handlebar between 0.5" and 1" in diameter. This kit consists of the RAM u-bolt mount, double socket joint and X-GRIP mount.

Perfect for holding your cell phone on bicycles or motorcycles. Incredibly strong and durable, this mount works great for any 2-wheeled application. Ragbrai riders, consider this excellent solution for holding your phone as you ride.

Check out the following video to see how the X-GRIP motorcycle mount works in action.


Overall height
5.14 inches
Rubber Coated Steel and Stainless Steel
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Last Modified: 03/21/2019