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Wilson 5' FGT Silverload Fiberglass Antenna - Black

Wilson 5' FGT Silverload Fiberglass Antenna - Black

Part# FGT5B
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Tunable Tip
  • Impedance Matching Wire
  • 1000 Watt
FGT5B image - FGT5B.jpg


Sorry, the FGT5B is discontinued.

Touted for years as the best performer in class, the Wilson FGT SilverLoad series has been a mainstay in the CB world for years. The antenna gets its name from the #18 guage silver plated wire, providing excellent conductivity.

As with the entire Wilson line, the FGT SilverLoad antnennas excel in peformance due to their higher standards of construction and materials.

This is one of the few CB antennas that is made specifically for picking up NOAA weather channels, if you have a weather ready CB - the Wilson FGT SilverLoad line is going to be the best choice.

* 3/8" Diameter fiberglass construction
* Standard 3/8" x 24 chromed brass ferrule
* Fully linear top loaded maximum transfer of power
* Design incorporates an 18 guage "silver plated" copper wire to provide higher efficiency
* Antenna has unique ground lead to help insure reduced static ignition interference
* Static reducing weather cap
* Clamshell


Works with any CB radio
Adjustable tip for fine tuning
Linear top loaded for maximum power transfer
Works great as a single or dual (co-phased) setup
Fully top-loaded for best performance
Works on AM, FM, USB, and LSB
Out-performs All Others ( when compared to antennas of the same length and type )
Spaced windings
Reduces dielectric heat loss
Static reducing weather cap
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
#18 Gauge SilverLoaded Load Coil
PVC Protective Weather Covering
Last Modified: 04/06/2017