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Uniden Pro510XL CB Radio

Uniden Pro510XL CB Radio

4/5 based on 3 Reviews by: Uniden
Part# PRO510XL
  • The most compact CB available
  • Highly effective
  • Rugged and extremely durable
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Uniden Pro510XL CB Radio
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Highly effective and small CB radio for your car. One of the most durable CB'sd available today! The compact size of the Pro 510XL mobile CB radio is often so small that it will fit inside the compartment built in your dash.

The Uniden Pro 510XL compact CB radio is an excellent solution for anyone lacking space. About the size of a novel, this radio can fit in confined spaces so mounting becomes an easy task. To the point and effective, a favorite for anyone just wanting a basic CB.


40 channel operation
Full 40 citizen band channel operation.
Front mounted mic
Allows CB unit to mount flush in dash.
ANL switch
Reduces engine noise and background interference.
TX LED light
Indicates when unit is transmitting.
Squelch control
Adjusts the threshold of the receiver to eliminate any background noise.
Quickview S/RF meter
Instantly determine signal strength and output power.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Frequency Range
26.965 ~ 27.405 MHz
6 5/8" from back of case to bezel
7 3/4" from antenna jack to control knobs
4 1/2"
1 3/8"
Current Draw
2 Amp
Microphone Pin-Out
4-Pin Electret
Power Connection
Molded Red/Black

What's Included

  • 4-Pin Dynamic Microphone
  • Built-in Power Cord
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Operation/Owners Manual
Last Modified: 12/18/2018