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TRT36 Tripod Antenna Roof Mount

TRT36 Tripod Antenna Roof Mount

Part# TRT36
  • 3ft Tripod Antenna Mount
  • Works with masts up to 1 3/4" diameter
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TRT36 Tripod Antenna Roof Mount
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An antenna tripod roof mount for HAM radio is designed to allow you to mount an antenna to the roof of your house and is especially useful when mounting may be cumbersome. Tripod mounts require bolts to be mounted through the roof, for this reason it's highly recommended to use sealant like silicone for weatherproofing.

It is important to note that most antennas, including the IMAX2000 and the Antron A99 cannot mount directly into a tripod, you will also need a mast.

Also, keep in mind the antenna roof mount by itself is typically not enough to support an antenna over 8', for tall antennas like the IMAX2000 and the Antron A99 it is highly recommended that you use additional guy wires for support.

Aluminum Construction
Accepts Masts Up To 1 3/4" Diameter (mast sold seperately)
Mounting Requires 9x 1/4" Lagbolts (lagbolts not included)

Width: 2~3' Adjustable
Height: 3'

Last Modified: 03/18/2019