• TPDC6 - 6 Gauge Power Cable Kit
  • #6 Gauge Inverter/Amplifier Power Kit
TPDC6 by Walcott Radio

TPDC6 - 6 Gauge Power Cable Kit ( discontinued )

Walcott Radio TPDC6 Overview

Power cable kit 6 gauge red & black wire with DC6 disconnect and ANL fuse blocks with 100A fuses on hot and ground wires. 16 feet long.

Kit does not include ring terminals on the ends. Add 4 X 906815 copper terminals to complete the kit.

Walcott Radio TPDC6 Summary

  • Length16 feet
  • 2 X DC6 Power Quick Disconnects
  • 2 X 150 Amp ANL Fuses
  • 2 X ANL Fuse Holders

Walcott Radio TPDC6 Technial Specifications