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The Excavator CB Radio and Antenna Package for Heavy Equipment

The Excavator CB Radio and Antenna Package for Heavy Equipment

  • Check out this combo package for an inexpensive, but rugged CB system designed specifically for heavy equipment, quarries, mining, etc.
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The "Excavator" CB Radio package makes it easy for you to get everything you need to put a CB in a heavy truck. We've included the most compact CB radio designed for rugged use in dirty environments, it's a simple radio without bells and whistles, but designed to last and work well. The three foot antenna is pre-tuned, just screw it in and go! The coax cable is high quality, hand-soldered in the US, and will hold up for many years.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

CB Radio
Compact Dimensions 6 5/8 in L x 4 1/2 in Wide x 1 1/2 in Tall
3' Fiberglass Pre-Tuned to 18 feet of coax
Coax Cable
18' high quality cable hand-soldered pre-installed PL-259 connectors
4-Bolt aluminum mounting bracket, can mount to vertical bars, horizontal bars, or directly to the side of a metal surface like a tool box, or metal cab.

What's Included

  • Compact 40 Channel Uniden CB Radio (533)
  • 3' Pre-Tuned CB Antenna (909)
  • 18' Coax Cable (729)
  • 4-Bolt Mounting Bracket (270)
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Last Modified: 03/17/2017