• The ARRL Antenna Book 22nd Edition 6948

The ARRL Antenna Book 22nd Edition 6948


Walcott Radio 6948 Overview

Are you building your first antenna? "The ARRL Antenna Book for Radio Communications" is their 22nd Edition, devoted to your pioneering spirit! This book for antennas, transmission lines, and radio wave propagation from The American Radio Relay League provides all of the information that you need to design complete antenna systems, from limited-space antennas to towers. Read and learn about new designs, utilize the updated EZNEC-ARRL 5.0 antenna modeling software, and view the expanded-content CD-ROM with an extensive collection of antenna models.

"The ARRL Antenna Book 22nd Edition" offers the ultimate reference for radio bands from low-band to UHF, operating applications from fixed station to satellite, and much more!

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