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Stainless Steel Toyota FJ Cruiser Antenna Mount

Stainless Steel Toyota FJ Cruiser Antenna Mount

Part# FJSS
  • Stainless Steel FJ Cruiser Antenna Mount
  • Utilizes Stainless Steel Washer and Bolt
  • Easy Installation
  • *UPDATED* Reduced Bolt Size
FJSS image - FJSS.jpg
FJSS image - FJSS_1.jpg
FJSS image - FJSS_2.jpg
FJSS image - FJSS_3.jpg


Stainless steel antenna mount for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Mounts in the same location as the Bandi mount, but this mount is completely stainless and will not corrode or rust over time. Installs in minutes!

The bolt size was found to be 1/4" too long, all brackets shipped from 3/3/14 on have been fixed to reduce the bolt size.

* UPDATE 2/3/16 *
We have received some complaints of rust occurring along the weld lines, to prevent rust spots from forming, we have started to apply a clear coat to all units shipped out from February 3rd, 2016. If you already have a mount and find rust spots forming along the weld lines, apply a clear coat to the welded sections, paint the entire mount (excluding the bottom of the stud hole), or contact us for a replacement.

Last Modified: 03/19/2018